Your Secret Self: Understand Yourself and Others Using the Myers Briggs Personality Test

By Barbara G. Cox

Discover Your Hidden Strengths and Learn How to Overcome Obstacles

Ever feel like you don’t fit in?  Have trouble connecting with your partner or getting along with others at work?  Wonder what you should be doing in your life to succeed?  Learning about your unique personality type can help you uncover your special gifts and find out what traits could be blocking your happiness.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Myers Briggs test, but you’re not sure how it works. This book reveals the secrets of personality theory. It teaches you things about yourself that you may not already know.  If you take the test in Chapter 3 and use the scoring key, you’ll find out which of the sixteen types fits you best. There’s a separate chapter devoted to each type. Read about your type and discover Your Secret Self.






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