Wild Dogs of the World

By Barbara G. Cox

Not long ago, a coyote–one of nine species of wild dogs in the world–wandered into Quizno’s in Chicago at lunch time. American coyotes have learned that there’s more food in cities than in forests and fields. Coyotes are Smart, resourceful dogs.

All around the world, other wild dogs are making the best use of their sharp minds and amazing skills. In South America, when a bush dog jumps into the water, it swims like an otter with its webbed feed. It fishes like one, too. The beautiful dhole dogs of India move into holes left by porcupines and redecorate them to their liking. The raccoon dog of China hibernates in the winter until the snow melts.

Wild Dogs of the World tells you fascinating stories about all nine species of wild dogs, including the dingo dogs of Australia, maned wolves of South America (they’re really dogs), painted dogs and jackals of Africa, and singing dogs of New Guinea. Each chapter is full of colored photos.

As a dog lover, you can open the pages of Wild Dogs of the World and read about the lives of wild dogs on every continent but Antarctica. You’ll be surprised at how much they’re like your dogs at home. They’re smart, funny, loyal, cuddly when they want to be, and fierce when they need to be. The fascinating stories of wild dogs will make you appreciate your own dog more. If you see your cat and dog chasing a squirrel together, you’ll remember reading the story of how coyotes team up with badgers to chase and catch field mice.

Wild Dogs of the World tells tales of romance, hunting, family life, and survival. It’s a cliff-hanger for readers from 10 to 100.






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