When INFJs Go Bad

Any Myers-Briggs type can overuse or abuse one or more traits.
Source: Your Secret Self

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  1. Annie
    Annie says:

    Thank you for this, Barbara. I only found out this evening that I was an INFJ and the above – failing to be assertive about the important issues – hits the nail right on the head! In my case, though, I think avoiding the important issues is more about fearing more disappointment in others than disliking conflict with others (which is true too, but to a lesser extent). Disappointments from the past (insensitivity, superficiality, inability to relate to the range and potential of the issue) have hit so hard from people I would have expected more from, that bringing up those issues again only to be disappointed again in new people would prove too much. Ah, the tribulations of idealism!! But your identification of the problem is a relief to me because it opens up an area I need to explore more within myself, an area I had closed off (yes I’m good at closure) and kept closed in defence. So my thanks again. Keep up the good work, fellow INFJ!

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