INFJ Men as Lovers

If you’re lucky enough to find an INFJ man, don’t count on his making the first move. INFJs are rarely to first ones to initiate social contact.
Source: Your Secret Self

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  1. delphina
    delphina says:

    Both my husband and my oldest son are INFJ’s – I feel very blessed to have two very sensitive and loving men in my life and you have described their nature so very well. This description fits my husband so much that when I read it to him he went between bashful smiling to chuckling. I am an INTJ and we fit very well together – I liked your other blog too. (my youngest is ESFP – he is a refreshing presence among us!)

    One thing I was wondering about was your hints on dating an INFJ – telling people not to suggest they are out for something temporary, or to not flirt in front of them… I would phrase it: If you are interested in a temporary relationship/fling or you like to flirt a lot, this is not the personality type for you. leave them alone and find someone else.

    But maybe that is my mamma bear side not wanting anyone to break my son’s heart. 😀

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