Great Animal Escape Stories: True Adventures of Farm Animals

Written by Barbara G. Cox | Illustrations by Patty Voje

True, heartwarming stories of animal escapes!  Find out how….

  • Two pigs—Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Pig—jumped off a slaughterhouse truck and made a dash for freedom.
  • A cow named Dora broke her neck rope at a cattle auction and escaped to nearby woods, fending for herself for a full summer.
  • Little Orphan Andy, a lamb born during transport in a truckload of sheep, was rescued by a woman watching the animals being unloaded.
  • Two ducks and a rooster—Huey, Duey and Sidekick Chick—found a home at a farm sanctuary and lived together as a happy threesome.
  • Maisie, a 6-month-old heifer, escaped from a cattle trailer and ran like a wind into a suburban neighborhood for protection.
  • Barbie, a pink piglet, fell off a livestock truck on the freeway and was rescued by a young man who took her to his apartment to live.
  • Louie the goat escaped from a live market in New York, wandered into heavy traffic, and was rescued by an animal lover.
  • Ferdinand the Bull survived the crash of a cattle truck by running into the woods as the truck exploded and burned.






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