ESFJ At Work

When possible, ESFJs choose employment where conscientious, value-oriented people like themselves cooperate to help others. They don’t fit in well in settings where human values take a back seat to production statistics. At the same time, they need priorities that are clear and relatively unchanging. Their task orientation is based on facts, not abstract concepts.

On the job, ESFJs complete their assignments skillfully and on time. They collaborate well in the workplace. They tackle projects efficiently while respecting the rules and authority of their employers. Although friendly and easy-going in demeanor, they’re sharp about business matters. They do whatever they can to ensure a congenial atmosphere and, at the same time, make sure the job gets done.

ESFJs are seldom assertive about seeking leadership roles, but when situations require someone to take charge and no one steps up, the ESFJ will. While earning the goodwill of colleagues, ESFJs set an example of hard work and follow-through. If co-workers fail to meet their standards, the ESFJ seldom berates them openly. Rather, he or she tries to help them make improvements.

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