ENTJ at Work

ENTJs prefer an environment that’s productive, working among tough-minded colleagues who are smart and independent. Although ENTJs first choice is to lead, they respect those who are more competent. Often, when they’re overly impulsive in their decisions, they recognize that input from others is important and listen thoughtfully to advice. Successful ENTJs realize that guidance from quieter, more deliberate types can be a critical factor in their success.

The natural leadership abilities of ENTJs help them rise to the top of their organizations quickly. However, others don’t always find them likeable. With their brusque manner and bossy tendencies, they’re likely to make enemies along the way. This doesn’t bother them much. If they’re outvoted by people with better ideas, they demur gracefully and welcome the chance to learn new lessons. Actually, ENTJs appreciate people who stand up to them.

At work, ENTJs take charge of confusing or disorganized situations and turn them around quickly. They define problems and devise strategies to correct them with remarkable clarity. They know how to find the necessary resources to accomplish goals. They’re at their best when called upon to use their intuitive powers and analytical ability to overcome challenges.

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