ENFP at Work

ENFPs prefer careers that are service-oriented and that benefit others.  They like their work settings to be colorful and challenging, where people enjoy collegial relationships. Competitive, hard-driving environments are stressful for ENFPs and hamper their ability to perform. As bosses, they encourage their employees to share their insights and allow them to participate in the decision-making process. They prefer a minimum of rules and schedules.

ENFPs are outgoing, friendly, and energetic. They’re able to deal with many situations in the workplace at once without being overwhelmed. They see possibilities all around them and turn them into realities.

ENFPs are good at spotting useful skills and positive qualities in others, which makes them effective delegators. They have amazing insights about group dynamics, why people are behaving in certain ways, and which co-workers are most compatible (or incompatible) with others. The ENFP is often regarded as charismatic by colleagues. They extend themselves to please others, often going overboard in their praise and affirmations. For this reason, sometimes people wonder about their sincerity.

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