ENFJ At Work

ENFJs prefer a work environment that’s organized and settled, but they don’t want it so orderly that there’s no room for creativity and problem-solving. They delegate responsibility to others wisely and easily. ENFJs are encouraging with co-workers and subordinates while remaining focused on the goals and ideals of their organization. They like to see their colleagues grow professionally.

ENFJs do best in an atmosphere of cooperation and harmony. They like to coach teams of colleagues. Employees will be expected to abide by the plans developed by the ENFJ and meet deadlines, but exceptions are made when they have personal issues or problems. Then the ENFJ is gracious and accommodating.

On the job, ENFJs may run into trouble when they put socializing before work-related tasks. They tend to take so much pleasure in the company of others that they spend more time discussing personal matters than transacting business.

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