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ESFJ At Work

When possible, ESFJs choose employment where conscientious, value-oriented people like themselves cooperate to help others. They don’t fit in well in settings where human values take a back seat to production statistics. At the same time, they need priorities that are clear and relatively unchanging. Their task orientation is based on facts, not abstract concepts. […]

ENTP At Work

ENTPs are creative and enthusiastic, always involved in a variety of projects. Their curious nature is due to their strong intuitive preference, which makes them see life as brimming with possibilities. Because they lean toward theoretical reasoning, they’re full of untried ideas. Their ideal workplace is filled with like-minded colleagues solving complex problems. They like […]

ENTJ at Work

ENTJs prefer an environment that’s productive, working among tough-minded colleagues who are smart and independent. Although ENTJs first choice is to lead, they respect those who are more competent. Often, when they’re overly impulsive in their decisions, they recognize that input from others is important and listen thoughtfully to advice. Successful ENTJs realize that guidance […]